Dylan James

Software Engineer & SysAdmin
Declare variables, not war.

A little about me,


My name is Dylan, I go by Dylan James or aneurotypical around here. I've been playing with the internet for all of my life, I especially enjoyed the era of the webmaster (reference here).

I've done alot of open source projects, but as of now I'm the owner of Team Tritan and Tritan Bot. Developer atWindy Pink. Project Manager at Definity.

I specifically enjoy backend nodejs development, but I'm also a huge fan of building frontend applications.

Things I do

Backend Engineering
Frontend Development
Bot Development

Some of my projects

These are fetched from the Github API and are not featured purposefully.

Fetching Data

The client is currently fetching data from the API.

Ah, the widgets

This site couldn't be completed without some widgets.

Like what you see?

Feel free to reach out, I might answer if you're lucky enough!

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Dylan James is a fucking webmaster.